Getting the financing you need:
Bluecell’s official partnership with CIMB.
Bluecell’s official partnership with CIMB.
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Getting the financing you need: Bluecell’s official partnership with CIMB.


The first integrated, end-to-end lending platform for SME business loans in Singapore.

Submit loan applications for your clients efficiently. bcConsulting streamlines stakeholder communication and aggregates multiple lender offers.

Cut the time spent on manual task completion. bcConsulting automates the process of key information exchange with partnering financial institutions.


Funding Marketplace

Browse through tailor-made financing solutions from multiple lenders to find the best deal for your client. Consolidated product information lets you compare with ease.


Load Applications Management

Give your clients a seamless fund-raising journey. Reduce application reworks and errors to increase efficiency and improve client experience.


Smart Matching Engine

Fill out financial and company data of your clients to view matching lender offers. After finding a match, contact the lender to further optimize the offer for your client.



Manage your customer relationships and track your sales. Monitor leads and follow up on sales conversations.


Status Notification

Receive notification of changes to loan application statuses. Connect your clients efficiently with the best-matching lender offers.


Cloud-Based File Management

Store, sort and classify documents conveniently. A cloud-based environment lets you access the platform anytime, anywhere.


Report Aggregation & Analysis

Stay informed with detailed reports and analytics. Get insight how to further streamline your initiatives.


Role-Based Access

Keep your assets secure and available to specific team members. Ensure a controlled information flow.


Team Management

Assign tasks and track progress with smart team management built into our CRM.


Access a rich database with financial institutions
Streamline the fund-raising process for your clients
Stay up-to-date with changing lender criteria
Manage client portfolios with ease and efficiency
Process documents digitally to decrease manual work

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