Getting the financing you need:
Bluecell’s official partnership with CIMB.
Bluecell’s official partnership with CIMB.
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Getting the financing you need: Bluecell’s official partnership with CIMB.


The first integrated, end-to-end lending platform for SME business loans in Singapore.

Expand your reach with tailor-made financing solutions and an innovative digital sales channel. bcFinancing strives to check all submitted application documents for authenticity and completeness.

Data-based insight into an applicant’s financial performance. bcFinancing automates the lending process, letting you cut loan-processing time.

Loan Applications Management

Reduce paperwork and increase information retrieval by digitizing key data. When you receive an application, simply review the borrower and accept or modify the offer.

Product Management

Get detailed analytics to optimize loan packages for performance. Improve products to reach a broader market.

Workflow Management

Enjoy smart automation that lets you stay in control of every step of the lending process. Keep all your pertinent information in one secure place.

Smart Matching Engine

Preset credit parameters to be connected only with matching borrowers. Stop wasting time sifting through loan applications that don’t meet your underwriting criteria.

Loan Applications Summary

Gain instant access to loan application summaries to know all the details at a glance. Efficient browsing lets you navigate conveniently through your assets.

Status Notification

Receive notification of incoming loan applications. Increase lending efficiency by responding promptly to pending applications.

Report Aggregation & Analysis

Receive a comprehensive analysis of loan application reports. Build a relevant client database to optimize lending processes and product packages


Gain access to a vast client database
Analyze key financial data for better performance
Refine your products to increase sales
Access a vast network of intermediaries to boost your reach
Maximise conversion rates with higher efficiency

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