Getting the financing you need:
Bluecell’s official partnership with CIMB.
Bluecell’s official partnership with CIMB.
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Getting the financing you need: Bluecell’s official partnership with CIMB.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may register a lender account at Approval may take up to 1-2 working days, subjected to our KYC process. You will be notified via email for any status update of your registration.

You will need to create your lending facility with product details and basic requirements under Facilities, subsequently you will be notified via an email when an application is submitted to you, log on to Bluecell Platform for the application details and the approval process can be done on Application Centre.

At this moment, only Business Term Loan is available, but you may create more than one facility with different facility names, features, credit preference and sets of required supporting documents for your easier application management. More lending features will be coming your way soon!

Bluecell platform strives to minimise the probability of fraud through 3rd party integrations such as Accounting Software company, ACRA, IRAS etc. However, approval of the loan will still be based on your own due diligence and credit policy.

Applicants will be notified via the platform and email for any status update of their on-going application submitted to you.

Yes, all authorised contact details are provided in the application for your further engagement. Moreover, Bluecell aims to provide a better communication experience within our platform.

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