Getting the financing you need:
Bluecell’s official partnership with CIMB.
Bluecell’s official partnership with CIMB.
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Getting the financing you need:
Bluecell’s official partnership with CIMB.


Embed lending into your product or suite of services to increase order-value, product stickiness or increase your value proposition with Bluecell’s Lending-as-a-Service.

A single point of connection to multiple lenders offering multiple products while streamlining the application process.

By connecting to multiple lenders at once, customers will have a higher chance for approval, and be more likely to accept the offer terms. All without needing new processes or resources.

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Increase order value by connecting clients with financiers
Increase the chances of success by applying to multiple financiers at once
Increase product and service stickiness

Product Functions

IT solution

Bluecell native SDK - for Digital Services (coming soon)

Implement our SDK into your product and have it presented as a button in your product dashboard or funnel. Your users only need to click it before retrieving their documents and proceeding to apply for a loan. We can preset the types of loans available to better suit product needs e.g. purchase financing for B2B marketplaces.


Bluecell Dashboard - for Offline Services

An intuitive dashboard to easily collect documents from your clients (reducing the hassle faced by your clients) and apply to lenders on their behalf. With a single application you will be able to reach multiple lenders.

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