Getting the financing you need:
Bluecell’s official partnership with CIMB.
Bluecell’s official partnership with CIMB.
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Getting the financing you need: Bluecell’s official partnership with CIMB.
01 August 2020

COVID-19: Our Support and Relief Measures from Various Financial Institutions

SMEs are facing an unprecedented economic disruption due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Banks in Singapore have unveiled relief packages to help SMEs who may be having difficulties managing their mortgage loan, instalment loan and trade bills repayments to help tide them over the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.

We know that cash-flow needs are your top priority. To support you during the crisis, we are rolling out Bluecell SME CARE initiative. Bluecell is a centralized digital platform that matches your company’s financial needs to the closest lending options available in the market via a single source instead of applying through multiple lenders. With a streamlined lending process, you can focus on doing what’s best for your business, employees and loved ones.

As a part of our Bluecell Support and Corporate Responsibility to SMEs, our platform will provide free services to the first 200 SMEs to overcome the unprecedented challenges during this crucial period.

More Supports and Campaigns will be launching in soon.

You may visit the links below for more details of SME Relief Measures and Support from various Financial Institutions:


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