Getting the financing you need:
Bluecell’s official partnership with CIMB.
Bluecell’s official partnership with CIMB.
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Getting the financing you need: Bluecell’s official partnership with CIMB.
08 July 2020

Bluecell launches its first campaign - SME GO DIGITAL initiative

Bluecell is a new online platform where loan dealings can be done in a faster and more advanced way. It provides the platform to bring all the intermediaries together to experience the loan funding process seamlessly.

Due to the current Covid situation where most of the companies and workforce are driven towards online transition, it becomes challenging for many SMEs to adapt this change smoothly. As a part of our Corporate Responsibility, Bluecell has taken the initiative to launch its first campaign to support SMEs to go digital. In view of the major disruptions faced by many in the market Bluecell decided to tie-up with established financial institutions who share similar Mission and Values like ours, to provide a support function to the SMEs through this collaboration and initiative to go digital.

In this campaign Bluecell alongwith its partnering establishments takes the initiative to help those SMEs which intend to undertake loans for their business transformation by adopting IT solutions. We help them by providing them a list of approved Infocom vendors that are available on our platform and provide them IT related loans at a low or no cost. Our platform will provide free consultation services and sign ups to the first 200 SMEs to overcome the unprecedented challenges during this crucial period. nding process seamlessly.

Benefits of going digital:

The SMEs Go Digital programme aims to help SMEs use digital technologies to pace up with the times and benefit from opportunities provided through the digital economy. By going digital SMEs can reduce costs, standardize and automate business processes and reduce the dependence on manpower. It will open up new avenues of doing business with the help of advanced digital tools and softwares.

Whether you are starting a business or upgrading, Bluecell platform provides a comprehensive range of business loans for digital solutions to stay one step ahead of the competition, increase your productivity and save on operating costs. We are trying to promote innovation which helps the SMEs to become more competitive. The digitalisation will help you to better manage your business operations through automation of your manual processes and increase productivity. A digital transformation is the key for surviving the current and future crises.

SMEs who go digital will have an advantage over the ones who still follow the old ways of doing business and are still contemplating changing their business models to undergo the transformation. SMEs need to rethink and redesign their business with a focus on how to develop further, like updating the accounting and financial softwares, conducting data analytics, cloud computing, inventory management and incorporating these tools in their business model. The digital transformation of SMEs must be integrated into all areas of the business in order to deliver value to customers and to ensure business continuity. People are looking at new ways of doing business and the faster SMEs realise and adopt it, the better it will be for their growth and performance.

Steps to go digital:

The adoption of digital technologies by SMEs will give them a structured approach towards performing tasks for more sustainability. With strong business for many in place, the disruption came unexpected to make them go through a challenging time.

Is your business Digital ready
It is time to revamp and upgrade. SMEs need to find out how they can benefit from revolutionizing their business. The areas of their business that can undergo automation and find out ways of doing it. Approaching IT solutions providers to guide and upgrade them. With proper integration of applications into their business models they can improve productivity.

How do you get started
Companies of different scales might have different objectives and resources. They might have limited funds to allocate for digital transformations and may go for simple solutions. Instead of making huge investments immediately, they can approach the Bluecell platform and make use of the SME go digital initiative to analyse their needs and the funds available to them. These companies can procure loans from approved IT vendors at minimal costs and signup for free to join our portal.

How can you get support
As the industry is moving towards the tech focused solutions, there are many young SMEs who are very comfortable and conversant with the new models. At the same time, we realise that there are still many SMEs who need support for this shift and changeover that is shaping up rapidly. Bluecell is providing support through its initiative to bring all the intermediaries together. It will allow SMEs to have access to multiple lenders inplace of logging in to their individual websites to gather information or submit applications.

Bluecell offers a platform to SMEs to reach out to the relevant lenders to apply for the loan needed to down pay for their system as the first step of the digitalization journey from the approved list of vendors at low or zero costs. We help you with the process to adopt suitable IT solutions for your company to go digital by identifying suitable lenders with ease of documents required at minimal or no cost. It is a great opportunity for the SMEs to deal through the Bluecell platform if they are thinking about adopting different ways to digitally transform their business. Through digitization support we are helping the SMEs to make the transformation required and fully utilize the growth opportunities. You can simplify the process and make it faster through automation. You can expand your reach and grow your business.

The SMEs can fulfill their business dreams by connecting with us through our secure platform which provides business financing with simple applications and fast approvals. We have made the process very simplified for the SMEs to follow with ease. The current eligible vendor list includes partners in:

  • Digital advertising
  • Compliance & data protection
  • WeChat marketing
  • Branding
  • HR systems
  • Corporate card issuers
  • and many more

Other than the SME go digital initiative for the IT requirements, Bluecell also offers funding facilities through our platform for other business loan requirements such as working capital loans. You can get loans from the lenders available on our platform at very attractive interest rates. During this covid situation, Bluecell is not charging any consultation fee by offering free sign ups for the first 200 applicants.

For further information kindly reach out to us by filling up the contact us form here.

In collaboration with our valued partners Fundtier and Reachout


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